Food Vendors

Feed the festival with delicious food!

Welcome to this year’s Midsummer Music Festival! We are excited that you will be a part of the fun and entertainment. For your information, here is the essential stuff you need to know.

Health Permit/Facilities

Food vendors will require hot & cold running water, and refrigeration (coolers and ice packs are not considered adequate). All vendors without a current permit must obtain one from the health inspector (250-847-7360) at least 3 weeks prior to the festival.

We can provide you with access to cold running water, and electricity.  Please bring your own extension cords and power bars.  We will remove any garbage and slop when necessary. There is no sewage system and unfortunately we cannot provide hot water to those vendors outside the petting zoo area.  Our facilities are limited, especially with electricity. An ideal set up would be to provide your own self-contained kitchen unit, such as a van or a trailer.  The more self-contained you are, the better. In addition, you may wish to have some plastic or tarps on hand in case it rains.

Waste Reduction

Our Festival aims to reduce the amount of garbage and waste without compromising the quality and price of the food and drink being served. Please help make the following Zero Waste initiatives a success:  

Beverages: For non-bulk beverages such as teas, coffees, chai, hot chocolate, smoothies etc. we ask that vendors sell drinks that are included in the provincial ‘Return-It’ program (i.e. on the deposit/refund program). A network of recycling will be set-up around the fair grounds to make it easy for festivalgoer’s to recycle their containers.  Money collected from this program will be donated to the BVFMS to make further improvements to our Zero Waste program in future years.

Glass Bottles: As always our festival is a Glass Free Festival. We share the space with many user groups. To avoid hazards from broken glass, a decision has been made to keep glass containers out of the festival grounds. We realize that this may be an inconvenience for some vendors but ask that you comply with this request. If there is a serious problem with this issue please contact the Food Vendor Coordinator.

Recycling Centres: As mentioned above, series of Recycling Centres will be placed around the fair ground with a series of drums to collect compost, tin cans, aluminum cans, drink boxes, mixed garbage and paper products. We ask that you please take any cardboard that you bring in with you when you leave at the end of Midsummer Festival.

Set Up

Set up will be on Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th, 2024. Set up must be complete prior to Festival start time – 5pm July 5, 2024. We plan to stagger the arrival times of the vendors to avoid unnecessary confusion. This schedule will be determined by mid June.

Space is limited and not all requests can be fulfilled! We aim to have a maximum diversity of food and minimum vendors to ensure the vendors have the opportunity to make sales.

Apply Now:

To inquire and/or secure your spot, please complete this form >> and return it to:  It is very important for planning purposes that we receive a reply by May 31st, 2024. Replies after this date will only be considered if there are any vacancies.

Thank you!