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Naomi Kavka

Naomi Kavka is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who resides in Smithers, British Columbia. Her music is deeply personal and cathartic, and is sonically formed from a diverse combination of her classical training, a deep relationship with folk music, and a well-honed indie rock edge.

Long bio: Naomi Kavka is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer residing in Smithers, British Columbia. She performs as a solo artist, fronting her own band, and as a guitar player in surf rock outfit Pitted. Naomi is also a well-loved collaborator, performing as an instrumentalist and singer with other musicians such as Kym Gouchie, Marcel Gagnon, Wax Mannequin, and many others. A visceral entertainer and songwriter, Naomi has performed extensively in BC and St. John’s NL. Recent releases of her songwriting include Slammed Doors & Severance (2017) and Back West (2019). Kavka’s sound brings you into the depths of British Columbia, digging into what it means to live here. Whether that’s contemplating the land, family, big trucks, love, northern weather, or movement, Kavka uses her hearty voice to echo her words deep into your soul. Kavka shows us, with her first full length solo album, that she is not afraid to delve into deeply personal topics, and that is what makes this album so relatable. As a mainstay of the Prince George music scene, Kavka has shown her maturity and growth as an artist, creating a well-rounded debut album. Kavka will have you singing along before you even know the words. Sam Wall – Editor in Chief Over the Edge Newspaper

Naomi Kavka
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