The Ecclestons

‘Full Contact Folk’ best describes what The Ecclestons bring to the stage.
After fourteen years together as a band touring all over Western Canada and the US,
siblings Colleen (guitar and vocals) Kelt (bass, penny whistle, and vocals) and adopted brother Greg Madill (bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran and vocals) have been busy doing their solo projects for the last few years. They have recorded 4 CDs together.
Away from the stage they are actors, ex postie, travellers, professors, parents and grandparents and they bring that depth to their writing always exploring the human condition.
Their collective energy is profoundly life affirming.
They are a folk band in the true sense of the word playing music of the people.
Known for their infectious humour, joyfulness, and harmony, this Victoria based band has a massive Celtic and Canadian repertoire alongside solid songwriting tackling everything from ‘bombs falling from the sky’ to the fires raging in Alberta and Montana, to siren’s song and dancing outside on a summer night.
Growing up in the nomadic tradition of University and Air force brats they have lived all across Canada and beyond bringing a deep worldliness to what they do.
Past winners of ‘The Best Live Act on Vancouver Island’ MPower Award, they are back with new songs and it feels great to be playing together again!
Bring on the adventure! See you at the show!