Mip Power Trio

With catchy hooks and an unbridled energy, the Mip Power Trio has a “raw and wild” eclectic underground rock n roll sound developed through years of playing dive bars and music festivals across Canada. Mip’s quirky songwriting has been deemed “witty, cutting, astute and quirky” and the band’s loyal fans hail them as Toronto’s best kept secret. The Mip Power Trio formed in 2010 less than a year after Mip landed in Toronto, alone, with a suitcase and 2 guitars determined to prove that a small town kid from northwestern BC could show the city a thing or two about how to wail. After scouring open mics and punk havens she met bassist Greg Kowalczyk and drummer Devin Janetta. Soon enough the band found a sound that blends the energy of old school punk a la Ramones, the upbeat weirdness of Doug and the Slugs, and the spirited lyrics of early Bruce Springsteen..

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