Jaron Freeman-Fox

Contorting the violin into new traditions, violinist/composer Jaron Freeman-Fox dances down the fine line between the beautiful and the absurd, while redefining what the violin is capable of. Always on the move, Jaron has produced or played on over 40 albums (Jayme Stone, Autorickshaw, Teresa Doyle) and has toured the world as a solo artist, frontman or collaborator with bands such as Delhi 2 Dublin, Sam Lee and Ben Caplan. With unique results, the Toronto-based musician has fused his fiddling roots with his study of jazz and Indian classical music. At age 14, Jaron began an apprenticeship with Canadian fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer, which lasted until Shroer’s death in 2008; Jaron has been playing his mentor’s custom 5-string violin since.

In spring 2013, after 3 years of touring, writing, and recording with his fiery band The Opposite of Everything, Jaron’s sophomore album was released and has been charting across Canada while garnering awards and rave reviews from colleagues and critics alike.