Dream Heavy

AKA Samson’s Delilah. A “tour de force”! Fearless World Folk Metal. Influenced by latin, reggae, metal and other world music, driven with thought provoking songwriting and a try-not-to-dance-to-it-groove. The thread of “Mamaguroove” runs deep, and you will not be disappointed by the fusion and spell that they weave. As they transition to the name and heavier groove of Dream Heavy, they released the single “Survival” in collaboration with B.C. playwright Sharon Stearns and Haida spoken word artist Ms. Panik. Their first EP release is due in winter 2022.

Seth Macdonald: Guitars, Vocals
Shara Gustafson: Vocals
Liam Gustafson-Randall: Bass
David McKillican: Drums