Thee Night Bamm

Luke Windle Kyle Windle Zak Windle 

Growing up in Telkwa B.C., brothers Zak, Luke and Kyle Windle found a love for Rock & Roll music. Luke and Zak began playing music together when they were in high school after years of developing their musical abilities individually. When the youngest brother Kyle expressed interest in jamming, it became clear to them that they should find a band name and start writing songs as a group. Since 2013, the trio have preformed with many talented artist such as Alex Cuba, Much Music's Geek Freaks, The Racket, Cabin Fever, Ranger Smash, Ten Thousand Ships, and many others. All members of THEE NIGHT BAMM currently live in Smithers B.C. where they continue to write, record, and perform their own unique brand of Rock & Roll for the sake of their love of music.

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June 29, 30 & July 1st 2018
Smithers, BC