Family Positive

2017 Midsummer Music Festival is Family Positive. Enjoy Canada Day with us. June 30/July 1&2

Smithers Adult Guitar Camp August 12 -17 2017

2017 Smithers' Adult Guitar Camp - August 12 - 17 at Camp Caledonia

Smithers Younger Guitar Camp August 8 -12 2017

2017 Smithers' Younger Guitar Camp August 8 - 12 at Camp Caledonia

The MIP Power Trio

The Mip Power Trio plays honest and edgy rock ‘n’ roots music that conveys the excitement of a lively house party on a soft summer night.

It’s work hard and play hard for Canadian pop, rock ‘n’ roots band the Mip Power Trio. Since 2010 they have been gigging, touring, and recording while developing a sound that is unmistakably fresh and retro. Mip, Greg Kowalczyk, and Shane MacPherson are the Mip Power Trio’s colorful cast of characters showcasing a buzzing chemistry in their “fantastic live performance.” (Unsigned Radio, CUIT. FM) Behind the energetic arrangements and bellow-worthy refrains lie Mip’s smart, edgy, and honest lyrics. Each song is a brief snapshot of life, inviting listeners to raise a glass to the times – good or bad.

The Mip Power Trio will be embarking on it’s 4th Canadian tour this summer. The band’s last tour occurred in 2015, in support of its sophomore album “Half Pint Full Heart.”  This album was produced and engineered by Ian McGettigan (Joel Plaskett, Sloan, Matt Barber, The Stars). The quirky collection of tunes ranges from punchy surf and heartland-rock inspired “Breakthrough” to the gospel and ska influenced “Take Me Back.”

Mip grew up in Northern BC amidst stunning mountains and vibrant music. After years of playing in various bands and locations she landed in Toronto determined to share her musical voice and consequently forming the Mip Power Trio. In just over 5 years, the Mip Power Trio has released 2 albums, “Haggard and Bedraggled” (2012) and has played well over 250 shows across Western and Central Canada.

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June 30, July 1st & 2nd 2017
Smithers, BC