The Cole Patenaude Band

Born to really decent human musicians in the quiet mountain town of Horsefly, BC, Cole has been surrounded by good vibes, bears, song and instrument since his time began. A happy life on stage started early, as he quickly fought off cousins and step siblings to become the family band’s number one bongo player at the tender age of 3. Propelled by his logger dad’s true country songwriting, The Patenaude Family Band quickly became local favorites. But while the joys and perks of performing were many, shyness and dirtbikes took the boy in different directions, and his days of performing at local country music festivals were over..

Three decades, two children and one guitar obsession later, the erstwhile bongoist has quietly transformed into a six string slinger, an alluring frontman, and a certified mechanic. Born lucky, he was to be musically inspired by both his Juno award winning anthropomorphic songbird older sister Pharis Romero, and his many dump truck owning local legend of a father Geoff Patenaude. Cole absorbed everything he could from his idols, stealing how to make that first tight grab of attention with wicked hook and rhythm, and how to hold a raucous crowd with charm, wit, and Rock and Roll.

While playing guitar by yourself in the bathroom can be fun, Cole knew he needed a band. After years of musical matchups not meant to be, The Cole Patenaude Band was finally born. Together they would discover how to weave awesomely blazing solos, butter rich bass, righteous beats and a plague-like catchiness into every song. While their debut EP is undoubtedly ‘Wonderful’, any band is only as good as they are live. Luckily, live is when The Cole Patenaude Band is at their absolute best.

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June 29, 30 & July 1st 2018
Smithers, BC