Smithers Younger Guitar Camp August 8 -12 2017

2017 Smithers' Younger Guitar Camp August 8 - 12 at Camp Caledonia

Family Positive

2017 Midsummer Music Festival is Family Positive. Enjoy Canada Day with us. June 30/July 1&2

Smithers Adult Guitar Camp August 12 -17 2017

2017 Smithers' Adult Guitar Camp - August 12 - 17 at Camp Caledonia

Sam Tudor

Sam grew up at a forest research station, developing an affinity for both plants and outdated technology in the process. He wrote songs throughout his childhood, and his last album “The Modern New Year”, has become a staple of campus radio stations across Canada. Now living in Vancouver, Sam performs with Tegan Wahlgren, Jasper Wrinch, Craig Aalders and his brother Harry Tudor. The idiosyncratic approach of each instrumentalist - in combination with Sam’s unique songwriting - has turned the once quiet acoustic project into a fully-fledged psychedelic folk experience. The live show is communal, intense, kind of weird and also "poignant as hell" (Discorder Magazine). Think Sheryl Crow meets Elliot Smith meets Chad Vangaalen.

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June 30, July 1st & 2nd 2017
Smithers, BC