Moth Mouth

Vancouver electronic jam band Moth Mouth​ is pleased to announce the release of their inaugural album, Mirror Universe​ on the Leisure Thief​ label! The group, formed by Lee Hutzulak ​(voice & drum machine), with long time collaborator Dave Leith​ synthesizers), expanded to a quartet in the spring of 2016, bringing in ace improvisers John Mutter​ (electric guitar), and Matt Skillings​ (electric piano). The four have played together on and off over the years in different combinations and most notably all together in a 2012 reboot of Hutzulak’s first band, Dixie’s Death Pool​. As Moth Mouth the results have been very encouraging. 

The M.O. of Moth Mouth is to record new material every time the band performs. Currently there are about 6 albums in various states of progress, with plans to begin releasing them regularly. All recordings to this date have been live shows - typically Saturday nights at the Lido Psych Pub in Mt. Pleasant. Mirror Universe was performed there in its entirety by Lee and Dave on December 19th, 2015. Search YouTube for “Exit Colour | Moth Mouth”​ to see a music video featuring footage from that show. Hutzulak writes new lyrics for each show and from the resulting handful of index cards potential songs are chosen spontaneously and brought to life by the band. Some drum programming and synth sequencing is done in advance, but otherwise the music is  therwise freely improvised - no rehearsals, only some cool hardware (no computers!), MIDI sync and the singular moment of creation.

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June 29, 30 & July 1st 2018
Smithers, BC