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This year's Midsummer is June 28, 29 & July 1st.


Performer's Applications are due March 10

This year's Midsummer is June 28, 29 & July 1st.

Performer's Applications are due March 10

Performer's Applications are due March 10

Performer's Applications are due March 10

Miss White Spider

Miss White Spider is a travelling one woman light and shadow theater experience designed from her studio based in British Columbia, Canada.  She creates a collage of visuals, puppets, pertinent music, voice and global myths using an overhead projector, paper,  film projector, time lapse paintings, various instruments, loop pedal, synthesizer and her own world beat/folk electronica, Creating a magical experience with music, visuals, dance and global myths.  Her engaging performances are one of a kind, feeding imaginations, hearts and minds with ancient teachings with a modern day flare.

Al-Lisa Tresierra McKay was raised on her ancestral Secwepemc land of the Central Interior of British Columbia. She is a Herbalist, Dream Weaver and Story Teller raised in the heart of the Cariboo Chilcotin.

❝Creating for me is like tangible prayers, I empty myself and meet spirit half way. It is sometimes tricky to stay out of the way of the process… but it is the only way that innocence and magic can happen, by this I am continuously humbled.

Inspired by mystical experiences, dreams, nature, multi-cultural realities, imagination, inner and outer mysteries, fellow artisans and what dreams may come.

A synthesis of many mediums aid in the orchestra of my artistic expressions… I merely allow myself to be guided through the labyrinth of each new unveiling. A Piscean who wishes to address and honour the multidimensional realities we are all touched by, be they that of Nature, myths, dreamscapes, emotional undercurrents, Spirit, imagination and the unknown.

I believe that creativity is a valuable resource to our well being often overlooked by western society. It is my life purpose to dwell in the creative and share, to inspire and be inspired towards a more beautiful existence.

Life is a gift and I am humbled by all that I do not know.

I am grateful every day for all the blessings of this beautiful life.❞


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June 28, 29 & July 1st 2018
Smithers, BC