Cousin Arby

"After watching the seeds of 2017 sprout, Vancouver's Cousin Arby is now ready to let their music grow.  Bandleader Scott "Redge Arby" Postulo continues to advance as a songwriter, further exploring his cosmic lyrical themes as well as taking an introspective look at the world around him.  The band (consisting of Code "Colton Andruski" Andrusko, Pierce "Lester Arby" Kingan & Luke "Luc-Pierre" Basso) has never sounded tighter, meanwhile harmony singer Shevaughn "Sara-Mae Arby" Ruley has become much more prevalent in her role.  One year older and light-years more mature, Cousin Arby is still keeping one foot planted in the alt-country genre while the other progresses into stranger territory."

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June 29, 30 & July 1st 2018
Smithers, BC