Aerialists straddle the line between traditional folk music and progressive genre-bending songs. There just aren't enough adjectives to describe this band! Here’s a few for good measure though: “JUNO nominated”, “captivating”, “neo-folk”.

"Group Manoeuvre is a dazzling display of stellar musicianship, inventive arrangements, and genre-melding music inhabiting a world of its own." - Folk Radio UK

"Cunning, exhilarating and at times almost emotionally overwhelming" - Words On Sound

"Entire worlds seem travelled... there is a sense of urgency, lightheartedness, menace, and stillness" - Spill Magazine

"Group Manoeuvre by Aerialists is full of prog-rock arithmetic while still feeling organic and lush" - Dominionated

"Group Manoeuvre is a ranging album, covering old territory in new ways, and maybe even new territory in old ones. What stands out is how impossible it is to pin down—just like the Aerialists." - Grayowl Point

"Een Celtic folk supergroep" - The Next Gig





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July 3rd, 4th & 5th 2020
Smithers, BC