Camping & Grounds Map

On site public camping is available starting at 4pm on the Friday of Festival.

Camping passes are purchased at the gate only. Prices are listed below. All major credit cards, interac, and cash are accepted at the gate.

  • $30 per vehicle for entry into the grounds. Parking outside the grounds is available.

Rental agreement

  • Alcohol within designated camping areas only.
  • No minors to be in possession of alcohol.
  • Group campfire areas are considered public and therefore restricted from alcohol.
  • No idling of car engines or vehicle movement in the campground.  If you know you will need to leave within festival hours, please park your vehicle outside of the festival gates, you will be charged a $10 fee each time you bring your vehicle back onto Festival grounds.
  • No pre-recorded music (eg. radios or stereos).
  • Campfires in designated, monitored locations only.
  • Glass free grounds.  Only bring plastic or metal containers!
  • Bicycles and pets are not permitted on the grounds.  

Camping Age Restrictions

  • Anyone under the age of 19 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Youthfull looking campers over 19 are advised to bring photo ID. A guardian must be at least twice the age of the youth wherein they could realistically be the youth's parent.
  • "Accompanied" by a parent/guardien means:  the adult is to be at the gate and purchase their pass along with the young person(s).  Go with the youth(s) to register for camping and set up their site within visual range of each other.  The adult must monitor the youths for the duration of the Festival. 
  • Should a youth need to be evicted the parent or guardian will be evicted as well. If the parent/guardian can not be located within fifteen minutes the RCMP will be notified and the youth will be monitored until the RCMP's arrival.

Area Designations

  • General Camping:  No camp fires.
  • Musical Camping:  Campfire rings provided for cooking and musical ambiance.
  • Volunteer and Performers Camping:  Campers have to be either a performer, a volunteer or a specified guest of a performer or volunteer. Campfire rings provided for cooking and musical ambiance.
  • Family Camping:  Campfire rings provided for cooking and musical ambiance but will be expected to be extinguished at 1:00am
  • No Pets are allowed on the grounds.

Midsummer Festival strives to keep our impact on the environment to the sounds of music spilling into the air. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone enjoying the festival to consider actions for waste reduction and recycling.  Please be mindful of the containers brought onto the Festival grounds and to try to keep packaging to a minimum. We try to make waste reduction efforts as easy as possible. There will be many conveniently placed and well-labeled bins for compost and recycling (aluminum, plastic bottles, tetra paks, tin cans, and paper). Also, we encourage festival goers to use our plate exchange; reusable plates will be available at all of the food vendors for a $2 deposit which is refunded when the plate is returned.

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July 3rd, 4th & 5th 2020
Smithers, BC