Smithers' Younger Guitar Camp August 8 -12 2017

2017 Smithers Younger Guitar Camp August 8 - 12 at Camp Caledonia

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Smithers Adult Guitar Camp August 12 -17 2017

2017 Smithers Adult Guitar Camp - August 12 - 17 at Camp Caledonia

CD & DVD Duplicator

The Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society  provides a CD duplication service. 

The  duplicator is able to produce DVDRs and CDRs, and is able to print images and text on printable surface disks (which we provide). Prices vary, depending upon the artists' requirements. There is a one-time set up fee of $20, before the first disk is produced. In general each duplicated disk, with a printed face, will cost the artist $2.25.  In addition, we can provide empty clear jewel cases for $1.25 each. The artist can then manually put printed inserts (which we do NOT provide) into the jewel cases, and add the duplicated disk to make a finished product.  It's a partial do-it-yourself service.

The artist is required to demonstrate a right to produce the disk (generally, this means the content of the disk is original).  Also, the artist can provide images and text to print on the face of the disk. We can provide help to format the disk face image, in collaboration with the artist.

There are many disk duplication services available, so why should an artist choose to use our service?  The main reason is that we have no minimum order size.  After the initial $20 setup fee, the artist can order as many disks as desired.

If the artist wishes to have a run of more than 500 disks, it would make more sense to use a larger service than ours, which might provide finished products, manufactured disks (not DVDRs or CDrs), and even shrink wrapping.  We provide a service for small scale artists (although they might not remain so very small after THIS disk...).

Artists interested in CD duplication can contact

Kevin Widen: Box 4852, Smithers BC

or you can leave a message at 250-846-9889.  

Although he is reluctant to disclose an email address here, emails can be arranged.

The BVFMS is a registered nonprofit society.

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