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Smithers' Younger Guitar Camp August 8 -12 2017

2017 Smithers Younger Guitar Camp August 8 - 12 at Camp Caledonia

Smithers Adult Guitar Camp August 12 -17 2017

2017 Smithers Adult Guitar Camp - August 12 - 17 at Camp Caledonia


Adult Guitar Camp

The 2017 Adult Guitar Camp and Retreat will be held from Saturday August 12th to Thursday August 17th, 2017. Register today!

Youth Guitar Camp

SYGC will be Tuesday August 8 to Saturday August 12 and is an awesome program specializing in guitar instruction, welcoming youth, ages 10-18.




Rocktober October 15, 2016 - 8:30pm Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge Featuring Mathias Rock & Dr. Awkwa.rd

Sound Equipment Rentals

CD & DVD Duplicator

The duplicator is able to produce DVDRs and CDRs, and is able to print images and text on printable surface disks

Midsummer Music Festival

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