What Are the Youth and Adult Guitar Camps and Retreats All About?

Going to guitar camp is about you, your guitar and being “one” together.  To do this with other people whom you may or may not know requires a sense of security or a “safe zone” where you can explore learning with or without others.  This is what we try to provide at our guitar camp.  Staying at the camp for 5 days and nights with ONLY guitar camp participants and organizers gives you safe freedom to explore.

Camp Caledonia is situated on Tyhee Lake in Telkwa BC and provides a superb venue for guitar camps. 

The location is inspirational to everyone who attends the camp.  Situated right on the lake, the grounds are spacious to provide private or shared accommodation (cabins, tents, RV) classrooms and common areas.   Recreational activities include swimming (Lifeguard for youth camp) and boating.  All meals are included with consideration towards special dietary needs, vegetarian and meat eater

Our instructors have been instructing for years and provide professional lessons in a classroom setting.  Spare time is planned so you can seek extra assistance with instructors or from others attending camp.  We try to make your time at camp relaxing and stress free so you can concentrate on the most important thing – playing your guitar!   

We limit registration to 25 students so classes are small, instructors can provide one on one instruction, class materials (written lyrics and music) provided to students and no crowded atmosphere.  Be sure to register early so you are not disappointed!

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Smithers Youth Guitar Camp and Retreat

Smithers Adult Guitar Camp and Retreat

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